If I’m giving away a free report, video, book excerpt, or if I need a beautifully designed webinar registration page that I can split test for the best conversion rate, there is no better tool than Leadpages (affiliate link).

Leadpages has, by far, been the best business investment I’ve ever made, not just because I can split test design or copy ideas on pre-built templates, but also because it’s saved me the time and money from having to pay someone to do this for me.

Here are some landing pages I am currently running for my businesses.

Career Enlightenment Video Optin Landing Page


CE Training


Workforce centers might want a free copy of my social media curriculum

Screenshot 2014-08-30 15.56.51

College career professionals might want to use this tool with their students.

Screenshot 2014-08-30 15.56.46

Analytics work wonders

Sometimes just changing a button from yellow to red and improve my conversion rates by 20%. The screenshot below show you the analytics for a campaign I ran after a conference inviting college career professionals to download an excerpt from my book. I wanted to know what design would appeal to them more.

Screenshot 2014-08-30 16.00.07


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