After 7+ years Bluehost has been the location of my websites. At first, they were great. Reliable. Good service.

Over the years my websites were going down more and more often, culminating in three days of not having any access to my DNS editor or other website tools.

With no-longer competitive prices and pretty unreliable service, it was time to leave. Apparently, Bluehost was purchased by a rather large company who decided to consolidate all of their hosting brands into one datacenter and merge their tech and customer support. The results of this only hurt consumers. Good for them if they make more money.

But they won’t have any more of mine!

Through recommendation I found SiteGround (Aff. Link). Which supports WordPress pre-loading and full cPanel control. I just switched and already my websites are loading faster. Their support has been great and if this works out, will save me $300 a year when I consolidate all of my website hosts.

This month I’m trying them out. I’ll be looking for reliability and load speed. If that’s fine in 30 days. I’m sold.

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