This morning we woke up early to take my mom to the airport. It was quite early when the alarm clock rang.
Lily (wife) had already been up for a half-hour to meditate, I got up at 5am and stared at the wall until she laughed at me and I started to function.

During the drive we encountered a deep blue Jeep Cherokee weaving furiously in and out of the gaps between cars seemingly in a big hurry.

At first we all thought that this person was in a rush to catch a flight to the airport. After all, it’s also where we were going.

The funny thing was that after 10 minutes, the car really hadn’t made much progress. They were pretty much still in our general driving area.

“That dude is going to cause an accident”, I said assuming such an aggressive driver would be a man. When it nearly clipped us again, we saw it was a woman.

I started to pay more attention and noticed something quite strange with this car’s behavior. First, it would frequently ride between two lanes, with one tire in the left land and the other tire in the right.

Were they drunk? No, they weren’t swerving.

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Second, it’s choices of who to cut off, clip or scare at 6am wasn’t really based on putting themselves ahead. In fact, on several occasions, the car seemed to intentionally cut someone else off even though they had plenty of room in front of them.

When I finally reached the airport exit, this car actually crossed two lanes in order to come right up against me, even sounding the road divits in the lane making a loud chug-chug-chug noise that freaked Lily out. She screamed.

Then they proceeded to not go to the airport. We veered to the right and through our tunnel.

Was this person a victim of their own sense of urgency?

Sometimes, I feel like this Jeep, pushing pushing, cutting lanes across traffic desperately trying to bring in the cash. Then friday comes around and I look back and think, “Has any of this rushing around really taken me any closer? Could I have just let it go and gotten to the same place?”






Photo Credit: Mario Spann
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