Although I’ve written mostly business non-fiction books myself, I enjoy reading speculative fiction the most.

As a dyslexic, I find listening to books much easier than reading and have found much joy in the following fiction podcasts.

New Yorker Short Fiction: For more literary fiction, I turn to the New Yorker. These stories from the New Yorker archives are read by present day short fiction authors and include a short discussion of the work. This is a great way to read the world’s greatest short form literature while glimpsing inside the head of how other authors think about writing.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies: Featuring literary adventure fantasy, new stories come out two or three times a month.

Lightspeed Magazine: The voice acting on these sci-fi/fantasy stories are the best you can find on any podcasts. Voice actors like Stefan Rudnicki are often heard on audiobooks.

Clarkesworld Magazine: Narrator Kate Baker has a very soothing voice and often picks pieces that have a lot of emotive content or social commentary. She’s read stories that have addressed issues around race, water resources and more.

Podcastle: These fantasy stories can vary in theme from month to month, and although the voice acting isn’t always the best, they pick amazing stories that can completely transport you.

Escapepod: Produced by the same group that does Podcastle, these sci-fi stories can be really fun to get into. They even had a punk themed month and featured stories of rebels and intergalactic burn-outs.

Tales of the Left hand: This is an continuous adventure series in a tropical island area called the Frees. Fun stories, great character development and really enjoy the voice acting.

We’re Alive, a story of survival:  Although this series has concluded, it’s worth picking up from the top. Ordinarily, I don’t like zombie fiction, but the zombies seem to only be a device in an exploration of character and the human will to survive. Prepare to get addicted!

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