Joshua Waldman

Who is this guy?

In a Nut Shell

In 2011, I published Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies with Wiley after several years of blogging on the topic. Since then I’ve written other titles related to social media job search. In 2013 my blog has won an award and I’ve built a business around offering LinkedIn services (my 6 writers and I have written over 275 profiles for clients) and online courses (for job seekers and career professionals).

Since 2012, my organization has trained over 700 unemployed job seekers in the Portland metro area on how to effectively use social media to find work in partnership with Worksystems Inc.

But There’s More to Me Than That

Which is why I created this blog.

I’ve lived in Nepal for over three years studying meditation.

I learned the art of Chinese tea.

I’ve overcome dyslexia and learned to love reading and writing.

I’ve married an wonderful woman and learned what it means to be a husband and father.

And I think these experiences might interest other people. Maybe. But then again, maybe I’m just full of myself.