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Bye-bye Bluehost Hello SiteGround

After 7+ years Bluehost has been the location of my websites. At first, they were great. Reliable. Good service. Over the years my websites were going down more and more often, culminating in three days of not having any access to my DNS editor or other website tools.... read more

The Importance of Being Flexible to Succeed

I have an unfortunate facial tick. Sometimes my eyebrows go together in a flash moment. Kind of like when you hear something, but you weren’t quite sure what it was… This is me thinking about how to respond. (I’m an introvert! Sometimes it’s... read more

How I Build Landing Pages

If I’m giving away a free report, video, book excerpt, or if I need a beautifully designed webinar registration page that I can split test for the best conversion rate, there is no better tool than Leadpages (affiliate link). Leadpages has, by far, been the best... read more

How I Build Websites

This site, along with several others I run, LinkedIn Profile Writing, CE Training, are built on the WordPress platform using a design framework called Divi, by Elegant Themes (affiliate link). Divi is the holy grail for website builders, professional and aspiring.... read more

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